Community Safety and Police Accountability

The Campaign for Community Safety and Police Accountability (CCSPA) works to challenge the racism inherent in the city of Oakland’s policing practices and fights to hold officers accountable to the community they serve by documenting and validating incidents of police misconduct and organizing community members to advocate for more responsive and accountable police practices.

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OYPB Offering Know Your Rights Workshops

In late April, PUEBLO’s Oakland Youth Policy Builders kicked off our series of Know Your Rights Workshops at Merritt College, » Read More

Oakland Needs Effective Police Oversight!

It's time to create an effective means to hold the Oakland Police Department accountablefor performance delivery and to lessen the outrageous amounts of money in pay outs for police misconduct that robs Oakland of vital resources needed for services. » Read More

Rashidah at Forum on police community relations

On February 22nd, Rashidah was invited to participate in a forum on police community relations hosted by the Oakland Black Officer's Association, Children's Defense Fund, and the Brotherhood of Elders Network, convened by David Muhammad and attended by many prominent civic leaders. The discussion ranged from topics like Cease Fire to community policing and recruitment and retention. Many speakers related their own personal experiences growing up in Oakland with the police and the problem of perception about police in many flatland neighborhoods. » Read More

PUEBLO offers training in restorative justice

Introductions –greetings, group guidelines, building rapport activity • What is restorative justice and it’s practice • What are the procedures of a circle process • Introducing childhood trauma concepts in the area of discipline verses punishment and guilt and shame • Closing activity (1st Week Goals building trust/relationships- understanding restorative justice practices-and some childhood trauma concepts to ease into week 2) 2nd Week February 15, 2014 (10:00am – 4:00pm) • Group Activity • Understanding Childhood Trauma • Core Belief system • Defense Mechanism/Distorted Thinking Patterns • Creating Empathy/ Victim Awareness (Crime Survivor shares story) • Closing Activity 2nd Week February 18, 2014 (6pm – 8pm) • Group Circle Process (2nd Week Goals- recognizing harm and causative factors of behavior patterns as well recognizing how harm impact others) 3rd Week February 22, 2014 (10:00am – 4pm) • Facilitation Techniques and Skill • Building and Conducting Circles 3rd Week February 25, 2014 (6:00pm – 8:00pm) • Group Circle Process (3rd Week Goals – for Pueblo members to receive basic facilitation skills to conduct circles) » Read More

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About Community Safety and Police Accountability

Advocating for more responsive and accountable police practices. » More

Youth Greening Oakland

Oakland youth creating delicious and nutritious community gardens. » More


People United for a Better Life in Oakland building power, building change. » More